NFU Sounds Alarm as Farmers Face Mounting Risk of Phone Scams

The NFU is cautioning farmers to stay alert in light of recent reports of fraudulent phone calls posing as representatives from the NFU or NFU Energy.

According to the union, several members have reported receiving scam phone calls from energy companies claiming to be NFU Energy.

The NFU clarified that these companies have no affiliation with either the NFU or NFU Energy and advised farmers to disregard such calls.

NFU Energy will only contact farmers after initiating communication through email or a previously arranged phone call, the union emphasized.

The NFU emphasized that even if the callers possess information such as the supplier's name, supply number, or address, it does not guarantee that they are genuine, as this information is publicly available on the electricity database.

To verify the authenticity of a call, farmers can ask NFU Energy to confirm their unique reference. You can also search for the number online. Google’s search results pages feature various UK Phone Lookup services such as Who Called United Kingdom to help you identify the caller.

If uncertain about the reference or unable to obtain confirmation, the safest course of action is to end the call and contact NFU Energy directly at 024 7669 8885.

The NFU assured farmers that confirming the legitimacy of a call is more important than the inconvenience it may cause.

If the caller claims to be the farmer's supplier but cannot provide the account number, it is recommended to terminate the call and utilize the number found on the bill to communicate directly with the supplier.

Alternatively, farmers can reach out to the NFU for further assistance.

For callers with display capabilities, it is wise to check the number or dial 1471 after the call, as NFU Energy typically calls from 024 7669 6512.

Farmers are advised to be particularly skeptical of calls originating from mobile numbers (beginning with 07) or those marked as unavailable or withheld.

In response to these scam phone calls, the NFU is urging affected farmers to help trace the culprits.

To aid their investigation, farmers should forward any relevant communication to [email protected] or send physical copies of the documentation to NFU Energy, 10th Street, Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, CV8 2LS.

Above all, the NFU warns farmers against divulging personal information or signing any documents if suspicions arise.

They cautioned that scammers may attempt to switch farmers into contracts without their consent, often with high hidden commissions.